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Youth Club

Welcome to London Tigers Youth Club: Nurturing Dreams, Empowering Futures

At London Tigers, we have been privileged to become the resounding voice of the youth across various areas of London. Through our Youth Club, we have relentlessly pursued our mission of guiding young minds towards a future brimming with opportunities, positivity, and personal growth. Our unwavering commitment to steering the youth away from challenges like knife crimes, substance abuse, and antisocial behaviour, while fostering a thriving sense of community and empowerment, sets the foundation of our impactful Youth Club.


Empowering Pathways to Success


Our Youth Club stands as a beacon of hope & power, offering sporting pathways that not only kindle a passion for sports but also pave the way for promising careers and meaningful volunteering opportunities within the sports and charity sectors. By blending sports with skill development and mentorship, we equip the youth with tools that transcend the boundaries of the field. With our programmes, we have successfully helped and will continue to be the voice of the youth across London.

A Sanctuary for Positivity 

At London Tigers, we recognize the significance of providing a safe haven from the grasp of negative influences. Our Youth Club becomes the shield against the allure of local gangs, substance misuse, and destructive behaviour. Instead, we channel their energy towards purpose-driven activities, ensuring their time is well spent in honing talents, building skills, and fostering holistic growth.

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Programmes for Empowerment


Within our Youth Club, we have meticulously curated programs that serve as stepping stones towards empowerment and self-discovery. From nurturing prowess in sports like cricket and football to engaging in regular fitness endeavours, participating in lively debates and quizzes, and receiving after-school support, our youth are enveloped in a holistic journey towards becoming well-rounded individuals.

Cultivating Leaders of Tomorrow

Our approach is to harness the unbridled passion and dynamism of the youth and direct it towards a positively reinforcing environment. We cultivate leadership qualities through mentoring programs that instil values of responsibility, empathy, and community engagement. Our youth mentoring initiatives focus on providing guidance to those who might be facing challenges in their personal lives.

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Nurturing Mental Well-being

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We understand that true empowerment extends beyond physical achievements. Our Youth Club provides robust mental health support, ensuring that our young members have access to resources that help them navigate the complexities of life with resilience and a positive mindset.

Youth Club Member

"Being part of the London Tigers Youth Club has been a life-changing experience. From improving my sports skills to gaining the confidence to pursue a career in sports management, London Tigers has been my guiding light. The mentorship I've received has transformed me into a more focused, responsible, and empowered individual."

Proud Parent

"London Tigers Youth Club has worked wonders for my child. His improved performance in school, the remarkable progress in his sports abilities, and the overall positive shift in his well-being have made us proud as parents. We are deeply grateful for the transformative impact of London Tigers in his life."

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