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Help us in bringing the change!

We simply could not deliver our work without the generosity of our amazing volunteers.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can apply for our available roles and we take on volunteers from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Unfortunately, we cannot accept volunteers who are under 18 years of age. But age is not a barrier! So, if you are unable to volunteer for us but have ideas in ways you could help us please do contact us for more information.

What Volunteering Roles Are Available?

We have a range of volunteering opportunities including administrative, marketing & communications as well as event/ tournament organising and management.


We also have a whole host of opportunities to support the work at our Sports Complex in Spikesbridge Park, Southall.  In addition to the above, we are able to offer opportunities in assisting with coaching our football and cricket teams, although you can come up with your own sports coaching options; after all, we have an 8.2-hectare open space site!  Then there are opportunities to get involved in running our community café, ground maintenance and horticulture too!


If there are no roles that appeal to you then let us know what interests you and we may be able to work with you in designing a volunteering role that works for you…

How Do I Apply To Volunteer?

All volunteer positions are advertised. To apply for a role click on the role title and follow the instructions under the 'How to apply section.  We are not able to accept speculative CVs and do not operate a waiting list.

I Can Only Offer One Or Two Days A Year. Can I Still Volunteer?

We ask for a minimum commitment of between three and six months for most of our volunteer roles due to the levels of training and support we provide. However, we recognise that many people are unable to offer this much time and if that is the case for you then you could consider getting involved with our fundraising schemes to raise fund for sports clubs, social action projects and so much more.

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