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Corporate Governance

The Board of Trustees have amended our constitution so that it is fit for purpose and ensures we align our governance and diversity arrangements in tune with the ongoing expansion of the work of London Tigers as a charity.

As part of this work, we are seeking to broaden the depth of representation on our Board of Trustees.  This is evidenced by our Trustee Recruitment Policy and Code of Conduct and Legal duties of Trustees Policy.  We expect to complete the recruitment process for new board members by end of January 2019.

This process will form part of an ongoing annual improvement plan which will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees on an annual basis.  Therefore, once new Trustees are is in place, we will carry out a review of our work and priorities for the financial year 2019/20.  This will take place by March 2019 at which point the Trustees will agree and implement a year long improvement plan for the financial year 2019/20.  This improvement plan will be reviewed by the trustees on a quarterly basis.


Service User Engagement and Delivery of Services

Further, as we expand our work across a broader range of groups across different ages, ethnicities and gender, our work is increasingly targeted at groups that are less engaged and at the margins of society, including low socio economic groups.

For the year ahead we will increase our work with women and girls in particular, including a focus on their participation in healthy lifestyles activities.  At our Sports Complex, we are planning the delivery of a girl’s football group and our regular programmes now include a range of activities for girls, for example our ‘Girls Aloud’ holiday programme.  And by becoming one of the Football Associations ‘Wildcats Centres’, we will provide organised football sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls.

We also deliver women’s only healthy lifestyle programmes such as Zumba and Boxercise from as part of our Pan London work across boroughs such as Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Ealing.

Our work with Neighbourly Cares from our Sports Complex in Southall ensures we are able to provide bespoke healthy lifestyles support for older people including chair based exercise.  Going forward we will be delivering a programme of activities focused on disabled people to ensure we reach out to as many people as possible from our Sports Complex.

The work around service user engagement will be planned and shaped by consultation and co-production work across our programmes during the course of January – March 2019.  This will then inform the delivery of services for the financial year 2019/20 as part of our programmes and services throughout London.

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