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Provide Sporting Pathways


We provide progression routes for underrepresented communities to excel in sports


Throughout the centuries all over the world, sport has brought people together. People put aside differences in race and religion to compete as individuals and teams on a level playing field, while millions look on fascinated. It is the unification and engagement power of sport that makes it one of London Tigers’ key delivery strategies.


London Tigers uses sports to engage with disadvantaged communities and tackle community issues by providing low level engagement sessions with the support and opportunity to progress to elite level.


Our beneficiaries can take advantage of opportunities to simply participate or to compete in leagues, professional environments and with professional sports players.





We cater for a wide variety of sports, such as aerobics, basketball, boxing, martial arts, tennis, swimming and others. However our strength in certain sports has led us to form the following constituted clubs and annual programmes:

  • Badminton Club

  • Cricket Club 

  • Football Club

  • International London Sixes Cricket Competition

  • UK Asian Community Cup Football Festival

  • T20 Asia Blaze

  • Sports Competitions and Tournaments

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