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Improve Health & Wellbeing

We address the health inequalities faced by disadvantaged communities and create opportunities build a healthier society.


Studies have shown that over half of people in black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities undertake no sport or physical activity.


Levels of inactivity appear to be concentrated in certain ethnic groups e.g. only 26% of Asian women participate in the recommended levels of physical activity compared to 31% of White British Women (Sport England Active People 9, 2015).


We ensure that our sports and physical activities are relevant to local communities. We help break barriers by taking into account people’s cultural and religious sensitivities which can be impediments to successful engagement.




We attempt to address these health inequalities through:


  • Physical Activities sessions.

  • Workshops on healthy eating and living.

  • Women-only sessions.

  • Parents and Children’s activities.

  • Targeted Campaigns to raise awareness on specific health issues.

  • Events and Festivals such as sports days and competitions.

  • Sports Sessions with routes for progression in Badminton, Cricket and Football.

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