get paid to play

London Tigers are offering teams the chance to get paid to play in our brand new league starting 31st January.

Teams will be rewarded with win, draw & clean sheet bonuses to offer a real incentive to all teams playing. 

Bonus Schemes:

  • £5 win bonus, £2.50 draw bonus, £2 clean sheet bonus.

    We will also have our end of season grand finals where the top 4 teams will qualify  for our end of season finale.



Matches will be £45 per game, all bonuses can be redeemed to reduce match day fees during the season. 

Please email or call 07739614020 to register your interest

League Rules

Match Day Rules

  • 40 Minute Games

  • Roll on Roll off Substitutes

  • Ball Goes Out, Kick ins (On the floor)

  • Pass back rule

  • No Slide Tackles or Sliding to intercept a pass or a shot

  • 3 points for the win, 1 for a draw.

  • Top 4 Qualify for the Super League grand finals, bottom 4 qualify for the championship finals.

  • Normal corners, above head height.



  • 5 minute sin bins will occur if there's any persistent fouling or bringing the game into disrepute.

  • If the same player causes a 2nd serious offence then they will have to be subbed for the entirety of the game.

  • Red Cards will be issued for very serious offences for example; Spitting, Fighting or Abusive behaviour.

  • No shows will lose automatically 5-0 & Will be Charged