Asian Premier Football League

The APFL is a unique 11-a-side football league that hosts Asian and non Asian teams in London. The League is a project of London Tigers and formed at the request of many Asian football clubs in London who wanted a well-run league and to provide a platform for young Asian players, coaches and match officials eager to build a career in Football. This is the only Asian football league in London affiliated with the London FA.

The league has been in operation since 2009, since that time, due to its success and popularity, we have been able to re-launch in 2012 as a league for all, providing a truly unique sporting opportunity to Asian and non-Asian football teams. The traditions and values of the league to act as a stepping stone for Asian footballers to excel remains key, whilst providing a service that breaks all barriers of prejudice through sport is our aim.

The aim of the league is not just to play football, but to build on the foundations of clubs by providing additional support to them such as raising funds, providing FA qualification courses to develop coaches and to further develop the overall structure and efficiency of the clubs.