Ronald William Patrick Boddy, Chair.  Forty years’ experience, supplying, managing and promoting sport from founding a chain of sports shops to managing, James DeGale, Tony Christie and the West Indies and Pakistan cricket teams.

Having been part of London Tigers, from its’ inception, it is gratifying to see this registered charity grow to where it is providing sports tuition and competition to and for over 5,000 youngsters. The Tigers’ ethos of members, through sport, finding themselves, knowing their neighbours and creating caring communities irrespective of race, religion, creed or colour deserves its’ success.

Monojaha Polly Islam, Vice Chair. Practice Manager for Immigration Aid with a strong background in the voluntary sector.

As a trustee of this organisation I have worked with the team of London Tigers and found them really dedicated and hardworking. In particular, I must praise Mesba Ahmed for his leadership skills, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. Over the years I have seen Mesba Ahmed take this organisation to the next level and have enjoyed seeing the opportunities created by this organisation.

Aslam Khan, Treasurer. IT Software Engineer with a passion for football and travel.

London Tigers has achieved a tremendous amount in the 25 years
it has been around. I look forward to London Tigers continuing to work at home and abroad with people who are otherwise disadvantaged due to their socio-economic background and providing them with much-needed opportunities.

Mehfuz Ahmed Senior Manager in a national voluntary organisation who was an elected Councillor in the City of Westminster, with a 20 year track record in the voluntary and public sectors.

As one of the founding Trustees of London Tigers, I’m delighted to see London Tigers grow to a Londonwide organisation providing lifetime opportunities to the deprived young people from all communities living in London. We have launched our first international projects in Bangladesh and hope to expand to other countries in the near future.

Abdus Hamid Network Security Analyst at Charles Stanley & Co Ltd Stockbrokers with over 20 years experience in the voluntary sector.

I have been involved with London Tigers from the outset and was one of the founding members of the organisation. London Tigers is a wonderful initiative that provides people from disadvantaged backgrounds with a pathway to fulfill their potential. What I particularly like about London Tigers is the way that it has evolved into a highly efficient voluntary organisation that provides its services throughout the UK.

Ayo Adaramola Managing Director of PC Helppoint Limited that offers Information Communications and Computing Technology services.

I have worked with Mesba Ahmed and London Tigers for many years now, and I believe that it is an organisation that offers impeccable services and prospects to young people across boroughs in the country. London Tigers gives them the opportunities to develop themselves through sports, training and career development.

Intaz Ali Community activist running a successful business and was a renowned Bangladeshi footballer.

I hope that London Tigers continue to inspire the inner city communities to work together and participate in sports, heath, youth, education and cultural activities. One of the highlights for me is when people from outside Bangladesh participate in traditional sports such as Kabaddi, Carom and Nowka Bais (Boat race).

Wali Ahmed Self-Employed businessperson involved in the garments sector with a passion for sports and youth work.

Having been involved with the organisation from the beginning as a service user and then becoming a trustee from when we registered the organisation as a charity, I have seen the progress made from our work in Lisson Green Estate to now working nationally and internationally. I hope we continue to inspire people and communities to work together to create a better society.

Mohammed Abdullah Business Manager in a leading independent school and on the Board of Governors for several educational institutions.

I am delighted to be part of this large movement to help the community and I look forward to continuing on to bigger and better things in the future years.