London Tigers works in some of the statistically most deprived areas in the country and our membership base is drawn from these communities. As a charitable organisation, we exist to serve our members and to address their needs.

Our database of registered members is currently in excess of 5,000 with the majority of the membership coming from several boroughs across London. Approximately 1 in 3 of our beneficiaries are female.

Over the next year we will be focusing much of our resources on expanding our work nationally and we have already established branches in other major cities; we therefore expect our membership base to expand exponentially over the coming years. Although London Tigers began in the City of Westminster which had a high number of residents of Bangladeshi, North African and Middle Eastern ethnic backgrounds, our steady expansion over the past years into other London boroughs, coupled with demographic changes locally, regionally and nationally, has led to a more diverse membership base. This is reflected in the fact that London Tigers currently works with beneficiaries from over 60 nationalities. As our national expansion progresses, we expect our membership to become even more diverse.

Our numerous current projects, as well as those we have delivered in the past, cover a number of different themed areas from employment to health, and as such we engage with a wide range of age groups from young school children to older citizens. This diverse membership allows us to better understand the needs of our members from a more holistic perspective and also facilitates our intergenerational work.

As a grassroots organisation we are fortunate enough to be able to see the impact our work has on our members, their lives and society at large. Our members are more than just statistics to us, they are individuals – each with their own story to tell and each with the potential make a difference.

Read London Tigers Social Research Report, created by graduates of Essex University, for more insight in to the needs of the communities we serve.