London Community Cricket Awards 2017

Two of the leading grassroots cricket delivery organisations, London Tigers and Capital Kids Cricket joined forces to celebrate the positive achievements of cricketers from across East and West London. The London Community Cricket Awards 2017 took place on Thursday 27th September at The Venue 229. This event was a real sign of how strong partnerships can benefit the community and recognition were given to six cricket projects across London to reward their hard work & achievements during the summer of 2017.

The clubs are: Tower Hamlets CC / Tower Hamlets Wicketz, London Tigers CC, London Tigers Southall CC, West Ham & Stratford CC, Spikes Bridge Junior CC, Leyton Wicketz CC, T20 Asia Blaze teams.

This awards ceremony is an event aimed at appreciating the efforts of all cricketers who have benefited from the services of Capital Kids Cricket and London Tigers through our programmes this year. We also aim to show the positive impact cricket can make on social issues by recognising the volunteers on and off the field who help change the lives of young people.

The venue was full with over 250 young people and adults along with some key guests from cricket governing body ECB, County Boards and Local Authorities. Special guests included Deputy Mayor of Newham Council Cllr Ken Clark, Cabinet Members Cllr Forhad Hossain & Cllr Quintin Peppiatt, Cllr Mukesh Patel, Redbridge Cabinet member Cllr Sheila Bain, Chris Whitaker & Leisha Hawkins from the ECB, Chevanis Green from Surrey CCC, Chairman of Capital Kids Cricket John Challinor, Henry Hazlewood from Lords Taverners, London Tigers CEO Mesba Ahmed, Chairman of Elliot Davis Cricket League Salim Yasin, NCL Chairman Nahed Patel and Gulfraz Riaz from National Asian Cricket council.

Along with the awards there was dinner, entertainments with music which made a special evening for many of the attendees.  Some of the key awards were presented to Md Shahidul Alam Ratan – Most Inspirational Person, Jawar Ali – Volunteer of the Year, Sajid Patel – T20 Asia Blaze Manager of the year, Special Recognition Award – Bangladesh Champions trophy Team Mascot Tiger Ali.  In total 169 Awards were presented throughout the night.

The event was hosted by Shakeel Ahmed and managed by London Tigers cricket committee and Capital Kids Cricket staff & volunteers.  We would like to thank all the media for their coverage particular NTV Europe.

Please see below all the award winners and photos from the event can be found on the Facebook pages for  London Tigers and Capital Kids Cricket.

The categories and winners are as below:

The categories and winners are as below:




London Tigers Southall 1)  Sukmanpreet Singh    (Sunday Middlesex League )

2) Duman                           (Sunday Elliot Davis Championship)

London Tigers CC


1)Rafiqul Rashal                 (Midweek)

2)Atik Hussain                   (3rd Team) Middlesex Community League

3)Sultan Ahmed                (2nd Team)  NCL Div 3

4)Hassan Ahmed              (1st Team) NCL Premier League

Tower Hamlets CC 1) Suleman Miah        ( 1st Team ) Middlesex Championship Div 2

2)Mohammed Ripon ( 2nd Team) Middlsesex Championship Div2

3) Khalis Miah     ( 3rd Team ) Saturday  VPCCL

West Ham and Stratford CC Prince Ummachan



London Tigers Southall 1)    Harpreet Sing     (Sunday Middlesex League )

2)    Shahid                  (Sunday Elliot Davis Championship)


London Tigers 1) Akhlakun Nobi Jewel      (Mid week League )

2) Foysal Syed          ( 3rd Team) Middlesex Community League

3) Zubair Ahmed    ( 2nd Team) NCL Div 3

4) Imam Hussain Imon ( 1st Team)  NCL Premier League


Tower Hamlets 1) Shiplu Miah         ( 3rd Team )Sat VPCCL

2) Muthar Bokhs      ( 2nd Team) Middlesex Championship Div 2

3) Muthaharul Hassan ( 1st X1) Middlesex Championship  Div 2)


West Ham and Stratford CC Hiren patel



Team Name  Tower Hamlets CC
THCC First Team Middlesex Div 2 Shakeel Ahmed (538 runs)
THCC 2nd Team Middlesex Div 2 Hassan Ahmed (203 Runs )
THCC 3rd Team Rikter Khan (160 Runs )
London Tigers Southall CC
 Sat Middlesex Div 3    1st Team Agam Shah (440 Runs )
London Tigers Southall

Sat Middlesex Div 3    2nd Team

Sandeep Kumar ( 570 Runs )
London Tigers  Southall Middlesex Championship Sunday League Sandeep Kumar ( 471 Runs )
London Tigers Southall

Elliott Davis Champ XI

Agam Shah (355 Runs)
London Tigers CC Winners
London Tigers  2nd Team

NCL Div 3

Jamil Ahmed (281 Runs)
London Tigers 1st Team

NCL Premier League

Imran Yusuf ( 338 Runs )
London Tigers 3rd Team

Middlesex Community League

Basith Miah ( 210 Runs )
London Tigers Midweek Team


Shumon Sharif ( 210 Runs )
West Ham & Stratford Winners
West Ham & Stratford CC

NCL Div 4

Abdul Ghani (395 Runs)


Top Wicket taker

Team Name THCC Winner
THCC First Team Iftikhar Ahmed ( 32 Wickets )
THCC 2nd Team Salman Ahmed ( 22 wickets )
THCC 3rd Team Salman Khan ( 12 Wickets )
Team Name LT Southall
London Tigers Southall

Sat First XI

Jaswinder Singh Sonu ( 77 Wickets )
London Tigers Southall

Sat Second XI

Agam Shah (44 wickets)
London Tigers Southall

Elliott Davis Championship

Jaswinder Singh Sonu ( 51 Wickets )
London Tigers Southall

Sun Middlesex Championship

Agam Shah ( 55 Wickets )
Team Name London Tigers
London tiger 2nd team

NCL  Div 3

Habibur Rahman Shiplu ( 34 Wickets )
London Tigers 1st Team NCL Premier League Sayed Aziz ( 19 Wickets )
London Tigers 3rd Team

Middlesex Community League

Salman Khan ( 12 Wickets )
London Tigers Midweek Team


Salman Ahmed ( 14 Wickets )
Team Name West Ham and Startford CC

NCL Div 4

Het Patel ( 32 Wickets )



Centurions for London Tigers Southall CC
Parminder  100+
Sandeep Kumar 100+    times 3
Harpreet Ghotra 100+
Centurions for Tower Hamlets CC
Shakeel Ahmed (1st XI)  116
Foysol Ahmed (1st XI) 102 Not out
Mahbubul Alam (2nd XI) 110 &  Mahbubul Alam (3rd XI)
Azhar Uddin (2nd XI) 100
Amdadul Haque Milon (2nd XI) 110
Centurions for West Ham & Stratford CC
Prince Ummachan ( 183 Runs )


Five Wickets and more in a match

Tower Hamlets CC
Iftikhar Ahmed ( 5 Wickets Hall x2)
Shaykul Haque ( 5 Wickets Hall x2)
Hassan Ahmed  ( 5 Wickets Hall x2)
Salman Ahmed ( 5 Wickets Hall x2)
Mahbub Hussain ( 5 Wickets Hall )
Sufian Ahmed  ( 5 Wickets Hall )
Mobashir Ahmed ( 5 Wickets Hall )
London Tigers Southall CC
Jaswinder Singh  ( 5 wickets Hall x 10 )
Agam Shah          (5 wickets Hall x4 and 1 hatrick)
Somdutt                (5 Wickets Hall x2 )
London Tigers CC
Habibur Rahman Shiplu ( 5 wickets Hall x3)
West Ham & Stratford CC
Het Patel                        ( 5 wickets Hall x2 )
Pawandeep Singh        ( 5 wickets Hall )
Mohammed Tahmid    ( 5 wickets Hall )


Elliott Davis T20 Asia Blaze 2017

Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Misem (Pakistan)
Bilal (Pakistan)
Sagar joshi (India)
Het Patel (India)


Elliott Davis T20 Asia Blaze 2017 Team Manager of the year – Sajid Patel




Special Awards 2017

Teams Young Player of the Year
Tower Hamlets Shiplu Miah
London Tigers Southall  CC Sukhmanpreet Singh
London tigers CC Mahi
West Ham & Stratford Het Patel


Teams Senior Player of the Year
Tower Hamlets Shumon Sharif
London Tigers Southall  CC Sandeep Kumar
London tigers CC Rafiur Rahman
West Ham & Stratford Sagar Joshi


Teams Best allround performance
Tower Hamlets *Shakil Ahmed -538 Runs and 16 wickets in Middlesex Div 2
London Tigers Southall  CC *Agam Shah 99 wickets and 795 Runs
London tigers CC Second team – Habibur Rahman Shiplu – 38 wickets in NCL Div 3    and Score 161 Runs



Teams Coach of the Year 2017
Tower Hamlets CC Shakeel Ahmed
London Tigers CC Salman Ahmed
London tigers Southall Tarik Ali Khan
West Ham and Stratford CC Jerry Bramble and Ratheesh Sakunthala
Leyton Wicketz CC Kanan Thiyagarajah
Spikes Bridge Junior CC Khaled Ahmed



Staff and Volunteers

Teams Staff and Volunteers
Tower Hamlets CC 1)Polash 2)Shakil Ahmed

3)Mahbubul  Alam 4)Mohammed  Fozlu

5) Moahmmed Islam  6)Mahbub Hussain 7)Hassan Ahmed, 8)Mutahar Boksh

9)Kim Middleton, 10)Kalyan Kumar & 11)Victoria Allen

London Tigers CC 1)Shumon Sharif 2)Salman Khan,  3)Jamil Chowdury 4)Saifur Rahman, 5)T Faizal 6)Zubair Bazwa  7)Jamil Ahmed  8)Azlan

9)Ayaz Karim 10)Ali Ahmed 11)Aftab 12)Kamrul  and  13)Salman Ahmed

London tigers Southall 1)Jaswander Singh Sonu

2)Khaled Ahmed    3)Harpreet Singh, 4)Shahid     5)Sarabjit Singh &

6)Max Tanveer,

West Ham and Stratford CC 1)Jerry Bramble 2)Ratheesh Sakunthala, 3)Tajeender 4)Vatshal Shah 5) Joe Fisher, 6)Harprit Attwal 7) Parth Patel and

8)Atia Shahid

Leyton Wicketz CC 1)Sajid Patel


Colts Awards


Clubs Teams and Winners
Tower Hamlets CC U9    (  Lila Morshed )

U13   (George Munns)

U15   (Atik Hussain )

West Ham and Stratford CC U11   ( Milan Patel )

U13   (Maitra Patel )

U15   ( Haet Patel )

Most Run scorers:

U11 – Arayaman Parida

U13 – Het Yogesh Patel

U15 – Seif Eunice

Most wicket takers:

U11 – Mohammed Hamza

U13 – Nishanth Srishangar

U15 – Junaid Latif

Leyton Wicketz Ali Zeb
Spike bridge Sukhvir Gill




Tower Hamlets CC U13    ( Nabil Ahmed )

U15    ( Shiplu Miah )

West Ham and Stratford CC (Viret Attwal –
Leyton Wicketz ( Arshiyan Khan )
Spike bridge Karan Ratti


Player of the Year 2017

Teams Player of the Year
Tower Hamlets CC U9      ( Azlan Kumar )

U13    ( Jubed Miah )

U15    (Frankie Edwards )

West Ham and Stratford CC Het Yogesh Patel
Leyton Wicketz Bilal Kamal
Spike bridge Sachin Kumar



Tower Hamlets Cricket Club / Tower Hamlets Wicketz:

1) MOOGSOFT                                   2) Canary Wharf Group PLC


1)            Lords Taverners –  for supporting THCC, W&S CC, Leyton Wicketz CC

2)            John Lyons – for Supporting Spike Bridge Junior CC


London Tigers Cricket Club:

1) Ummah Catering                                         3) Mahi & Co

2) Blessed Ummah                                            4) Journey to Kabba


Special recognition award – 2017

Mohammed Ali – best cricket fan of 2017 during the ICC Champions Trophy ‘Tigers Ali’

Ibrahim Ibz Meah – Supporting promoting cricket


Volunteer of the year – 2017

Jawar Ali


Most Inspirational Person – 2017

Md. Shahidul Alam Ratan




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