Interview: First team Manager Armand Kavaja

This season our semiprofessional team, London Tigers FC, have a new manager Armand Kavaja. Armand used to be a player volunteer for London Tigers, gained his FA Level qualifications with us and ran sessions. Armand then worked at Crystal Palace before returning to London Tigers to work with the first team. With his first season as manager under way, we catch up with Armand on his thoughts for the season.

What are your thoughts on the last season?

As assistant manager of the team last season, I had the pleasure of working with the squad regularly during training and games. We had quite a few experienced and young players in the squad who have progressed to a better level this season. Four of whom have moved on to Ryman League clubs and two have signed professional contract abroad in their native countries.

How have you prepared for the new season?

Taking the team at this stage, over 6 games into the season, meant that I needed to inherit in a way the squad of the previous manager; therefore I did not have the luxury of preparing the team the way I would have liked from the very first point. However, there are few things I have spotted on that need to be improved and we are already working on it.

What are you expecting from the team this season?

My sole goal for the season is to restructure the team and maintain the club status as a premier league club in the Spartan South Midlands Football League.

Who are some of the promising players?

We have quite a young squad with an average age of 24 which shows that we have a few young talents in the team. One player to look out for is Justin Thompson who has a bright future ahead of him. Being only 17 years old he has established a regular place in the squad and has played a big part for the team so far. A few other players to look out for are Davit Movelidze, Joswar Gonzalez, Wadah Ahmidi.

Tell us about yourself, what else are you doing in your life?

Football has been my passion from a very young age, it was then when I started to dedicate most of my free time to it. After a few years treating it as a hobby I realised that it had become a career path, that is the reason why I began to concentrate my studies into coaching. Studying Sports Analysis and Coaching and completing the UEFA and FA coaching qualifications has led me to be competent enough to undertake the UEFA A Licence. Having attended Part 1 of the course in Wokefield Park (Reading) last August, I am currently working towards Part 2 which will take place in St George’s Park, summer 2013.

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