Redbridge young Tigers talk safety

Young members of London Tigers attended an event by Redbridge Youth Service on Wednesday 26th January 2011 to share ideas on improving safety for their peers and neighbourhood.

London Tigers had carried out a consultation in November 2010, after the Youth Service had organised the You Choose and Safety Consultation event on 18th October 2010. During the consultation by London Tigers, around 100 young people gave their opinions and identified concerns around gangs, radicalisation, domestic violence, bullying and Islamophobia.

As well as identifying the concerns, the young people were proactive in discussing possible solutions to tackling the roots of their worries. These included creating events that engages and brings the community together as a whole, enabling cultural learning exchanges, and using sports and comedy to send out positive constructive messages to young people.

At the event last week, young people discussed which issues should take priority and the formation of a Forum to meet regularly to discuss what actions they would like to see.

“I’m glad London Tigers made us aware of opportunities like this,” said Abbas Raza, of Ilford. “This gives us a platform to show what our worries are, and it is good to know we are being heard. We want to see actions though and not just words, so we look forward to seeing what happens next.”

This is one of many initiatives where London Tigers works with young people to ensure they play their roles as active community citizens helping improve their local neighbourhood.

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